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THE ford based               coupe

For the discerning Enthusiast & Collector

With the launch in 1983 of the new Ford Cortina based Madison Roadster, GP also introduced the all new Coupe version which was again designed by Madison stylist, Neville Trickett. The Coupe was given its first public airing in the October of 1983 when it appeared at London's Motorfair. 

It looked good, and it was certainly very different amidst a sea of very similar vehicles and, of course, it came from one of the country's leading component car manufacturers GP.


The Madison Coupe was available to all comers at the price of £1920 plus VAT for an extremely comprehensively equipped body and chassis assembly based on Ford Cortina Mks 3/4/5 running gear. The package included virtually everything you needed apart from the base vehicle - strong, tubular steel chassis, pedal box assembly, full body unit with doors hung and bonnet ready hinged, glassfibre floor assembly, dashboard assembly, fitted glass windscreens, fitted Perspex rear window, fitted and hinged opening Perspex side windows front grille, front and rear bumpers, headlamp headlamp pods, nuts and bolts etc. Apart from seats, trimming, smart road wheels and a natty steering wheel, all you needed to source elsewhere were the VW head and tail lights. The overall quality of the example on show at Motorfair was extremely impressive and, along with the comprehensive nature of the kit, the Madison Coupe's price was more than justified.

The Coupe was again a welcome change to the usual kits available at that time and although gaining universal approval for its design and style it did have one slight drawback..."Getting inside". Yes the beautifully styled and manufactured doors were a bit on the small side and required a degree of agility to manoeuvre  your way inside the cabin. Despite this the Coupe did sell well (around 90 kits) but there is no doubt that sales would have been considerably higher if only the doors had been made larger to accommodate the less agile and nimble.

Madison Kit Car, GP Madison, Kit car
Madison Kit Car, GP Madison, Kit car
Madison Kit Car, GP Madison, Kit car
Madison Kit Car, GP Madison, Kit car
Madison Kit Car, GP Madison, Kit car, Coupe, Madison Coupe
Madison Kit Car, GP Madison, Kit car, Coupe


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